Holden Smith is going home. As he boards an International flight from Paris to New York, the cryptic message which pulled him from his exclusive and highly acclaimed position in the European Fashion Industry, where he is known simply as “Holden”, rings in his ears --- “Holden you need to come home now; there has been an accident. Mom and Dad are dead.”

Faced with a brother who despises him, and a deeply buried secret which made him flee his hometown 13 years earlier, he is challenged to stay in the house he grew up in when he finds out that his parents' accident, was not an accident at all; but a cleverly covered up murder.

Assisting the lead investigator, Detective Angie Foster, to find out the truth about what happened to his parents, Holden finds himself in the middle of the murder investigation and a cover-up that runs deep within the walls of City Hall, linking back to his family and illuminating everyone close to him as a possible suspect.

Fighting the urge to return to Europe, Holden places himself in the direct line of fire; playing cat and mouse with a murderer he doesn’t know, but who appears to know him very well.